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Quick Sunday Photoshoot.

Half of the crew and homies did a little shoot this past Sunday at 4 Your Wheelz in Santa Clara. Pics came from all angles with Karl, Gyrex, & Don on the lenses. Here's a few samples.

Peep the Smugmugs for complete coverage!

Gyrex's Smug

Karl's Smug

Updated Crew Member Section W/ Pics!

Updated the crew member section with pics! Also updated the members list.


"FOR THE KIDS" 4th Annual Plus 1 / ATS GARAGE Toy Drive & Car Meet


The 4th Annual “PLUS 1 / ATS GARAGE” Toy Drive

Sunday November 15th, 2009


Weather permitting, We will have it on:


If it weather doesn’t cooperate with the event plans, we will move to:

The following Saturday November 21st



Full Function Technology

1260 Pacific Street

Union City , Ca 94587

All cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks and BMX bikes of all makes and models are invited! Please come and support a GREAT cause! Plus 1 Danny and ATS Garage Jr have been hosting this event with their crews for 3 years now and make the 4th year even more special! With the struggling economy, we all know your budgets are tight, but if you can imagine low income families having an even harder time making ends meet. Help make it a better season for the kids! If you can spare a Sunday afternoon and a $5-10 toy, please consider coming by to see some cool cars, meet great people and of course put a smile on a needy child.

Please come by and support!

Last year’s Toy Drive collected over 400+ toys that went to needy families and kids. Half of the toys went to First Step for Families Program which is a Children’s Homeless Shelter & Hayward Kaiser Hospital ’s Children’s Ward. The other half of the toys were donated to the Union City Fire Department in their efforts for a city wide toy drive for the Toys for Tots Program.

There will be plenty of food for sale and room for canopy tents and chairs!

The Event Coordinators!

welcome twee (plus one more e) to the wyldkardz family.

Welcome to the wyld kardz family twee! In case you guys didn't know twee, here's a picture of her. Her favorite color is teal I believe and she likes long walks on the beach but only wearing one slipper. Be sure to check out her website. twee-ter.com It's like a twitter but only for twees.


meet the KRX

Jimmyboy's KRX debut at CMI. Even with 4th gear issues on the K tranny the car still managed 11.5 passes. Can't wait to see this bad boy go all out with all the bugs fixed.

Meet Jimmyboy's KRX. Here's some pics from his cars debut at CMI. Special appearance by old school member jeepboy Noah.

Some Japantown Show Footage

Some pics from the Japantown show. Photos snapped by EJAE. It was a blistering hot day and everyone was sweating their butts off. Anyways... off to the pictures. enjoy.

408wdy's RHD EF9 build

Well here it is guys n gals, 408Wdy's Right hand drive conversion,
shaved, wire tucked, brake line tucked engine bay.
this is the whole sha-bang, from begining to end, took three weeks, for disassembly, reassembly shaving, tucking, paint and re assembly of the whole car.
starting date was september 13th, day the rhd front clip landed on his front porch. and target date was october 10th, for San jose's "the spirit of japantown's" jdm theory car show. remember this was in a three week time frame. and here it goes. happy viewing.
first was the shipment. teardown, engine removal, preperation etc, etc

right after cleaning about a miles worth of seam sealer, and drilling through about a thousand spot welds, viola!

and all the jdm metal carnage that was left...

then it was time for removal, and preperation of the beloved "cream machine"

then it was time to fit and permanently attach the RHD fire wall.

Total firewall exchange took 4days.

next up was to prep, and shave the engine bay. using a whole-lotta spot welds, and a light skim of metal glaze....

to get to this

next was wire and brake tuckage. woody sought out to make his own wire harness extentsions for this.

in turn you get this...

Next up was brake lines, courtesy of Mr. chasebays him self.

after brakelines and extension harnesses were done, the chassis was ready for paint,
but with a set of SSR MKIII's to be colored matched.

now for paint. woody decided to go with a two-toned color scheme.
with negative critisism, woody decided to proceed with his idea, with cream on the top shock towers/apron, and gloss black for the lower half and frame rail...

the mkIII's...

now it was time to place the engine in its home. being extra careful not to scratch the very fresh paint

and tharr she blows....

now it was time for re-assembly of the whole car.

the scene pretty much pressed on through the night, with the santa clara county sherrifs shutting down the show for an hour or two (from a neighbors complaint) leaving woody to work in the dark. but he pressed on and continued through out the night. leading to...


completion on the day that was set by the man himself, the day of JDM Theory SJ.

done in three weeks. its not even about finishing in three weeks. it was about being finished.

woody add your special thanks here