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how it all started...

We never had a beginning, nor will we have an end.
We’re a group of close-knit friends appling our knowledge,
wisdom, and creativity towards our machines.

In the summer of 99 we set fourth to build a reputation with a label; WyldKardz.
Donsisting of unique individuals we each impress each other with our performance,
knowledge and a humble mindset. We have conquered many, and lost to few.
Growing in value with new members, and losing that occasional one due to incompatibilities.
We still set out on our never-ending goals. Living each day to its fullest,
this crew became a family with a unique bond.

Repping hard during the summertime, and going through those tough winters,
we still find ways to roll out hard, and have fun while still staying true to each other.
Whether it be on the streets, at the track, or at car shows,
The current day-to-day status is doing what we love, and doing what we say.
Dreams are kept as dreams, accomplishments are where they stay.


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